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Rustic, Rural Log Cabins of Texas

Thank you for your interest in Crooked Tree of Texas. We construct log homes and log cabins in Texas that are distinctly different from the northern style of such homes. Ours are simply PURE TEXAS. Designed after a Texas log cabin style. These unique , handcrafted, log homes and log cabins are as beautiful as they are tough and allow a list of options to suit your needs. These homes and cabins are specifically designed for use on ranches and rural resort areas, which require structures that can withstand harsh Texas conditions with “little to no maintenance” .

For over 35 years we have serviced Texas ranches all over this great state. We are born and bred Texans who own and operate Texas ranches ourselves. We understand the conditions and the people we serve. We only serve the rural areas of Texas. Nothing urban or out of state. (We’ll leave that to the other guys)

We are “CUSTOM BUILDERS” capable of building log homes or log cabins up to 100% complete if desired.

We can build as simple as you want or with all the amenities. Our system of construction has been proven to provide a simple, hassle free, less expensive, attractive, rustic, and durable log home or log cabin to our customers. THAT’S WHY WE SAY

Crooked Tree of Texas
Typical Views of our Larger Log Cabin Homes
Log Cabins in Texas
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Interior of Our Log Homes - Texas
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Crooked Tree of Texas
Typical Views of our Weekend Ranch Cabins
Secluded Log Cabins in Texas
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Interior of Log Ranch Home - Texas
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List of Options
  • All sizes available from small weekend cabins to large homes...

  • Various stages of completion available...

  • Individually priced completion services up to turnkey...

  • Floating floor plan...

  • Free preliminary quotes, floor plan prints and completion estimates...

  • Requires no inner wall support - may impliment floor plan at a later date if desired...

  • Heavily insulated floors, walls and ceilings...

  • Large open areas such as den, kitchen or dining room...

  • High pitch roofs easily allow upper living space bedrooms, bathrooms or lofts...

  • Full four sided covered porches Available...

  • Up to 3 roof dormers available...

  • Upper decks with lower carports available..

  • Handicap accessible..

  • No landscaping required, even on severly uneven locations...

  • Built on location, anywhere in rural TEXAS

Available in
Base Packages to 100% turnkey

Built On Location Anywhere In Rural Texas